Custom Cabinets

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Want an alternative to big box store cabinets?  Can’t seem to find the color or style you like?  At Mountain Falls Millwork we can assist you. 

  • Color:  we can match or create almost any color of stain or paint to achieve the perfect color for you. 

  • Style:  since we build the cabinets, doors and drawers in any size, we can create the cabinets to almost any requirement. 

  • Cost:  a custom cabinet from a mainstream supplier can be expensive.  Suppliers are either buying directly from the manufacturer or through a 3rd party distributor, at which point the mark-ups are generally 50-100%.  There is also a quality difference with a custom cabinet verses a generic box store cabinet, most notably the construction materials.  Many are unaware that a vast majority of the material for cabinets comes from overseas.  Most of these products contain formaldehyde to some degree.  There was a time in which the levels of formaldehyde were so high that it had to be banned.  We are still made aware that these products are still making an entrance into the US economy and though the levels are not as high, they are still there. 

When ordering materials (such as plywood) for our cabinet builds we specify “formaldehyde free”  we pay a little more but it is worth it so that we do not have to contend with the dust particles created as we process it, and so that it also does not end up in your home.  We also do not use MDF of any form in our cabinets as these have been the most notorious for producing high levels of formaldehyde. 

All our cabinets are made from premium hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Oaks, and Mahogany, many of which are locally harvested.   We also use furniture grade plywood on the sides and backs to add strength and extended cabinet life under the weight of heavy products such as granite. 

Our standard drawer box is a dove tailed maple with a ½” bottom, most cabinet manufacturers use ¼”. 

Our drawer slides are soft close, which is a standard item.  The door hinges are also soft close and we use a standard of 3 hinges instead of 2.  We use as many as 4-6 on some of the taller door scenarios.   

We also have an almost unlimited amount of cabinet interior options, from full depth pull-outs to lazy Suzannes , knife drawers, matching cutting boards, pot and pan storage, just to name a few.  We also offer all the exterior options from crown to baseboards.

What about cost, aren’t custom cabinets expensive?  Here at Mountain Falls Millwork, there is no middleman, resulting in our costs being typically lower than a custom cabinet from a supplier. 

What are the benefits of using Mountain Falls Millwork to build my cabinets? One reason is that we are local.  What does that mean to you as the consumer?  First, you are helping a family business.  Secondly, if you are local to us, you are helping a local business who also strives to do business with as many local companies as well, so the chain continues as far as possible within the community.  Thirdly, is customer service.  Mountain Falls Millwork, formally Rickard’s Complete Renovations, has been serving the area since 1997.  We have changed names, but the ownership is the same.  Should you ever have a problem with your cabinet, we are here to help to resolve it.  We keep a record of all finishes, paint colors and products used so that we can match it, or find a working alternative, to aid in keeping your kitchen or bath vanity functioning and looking great for many years to come.