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Dimensions: 10"x18"


(This product is made from kiln-dried lumber and EcoPoxy, a plant based epoxy)

We recommend that you use caution regarding cross contamination of foods. It is not recommended to use this board for raw or cooked meats. Board can be cleaned by hand with a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water. The board should maintain a low sheen appearance. If the board begins to appear faded it should be treated with a food-safe mineral oil-based cutting board product. This board was originally treated with food-safe mineral oil and bees wax. A small jar of this mixture was included with the board. Use a small amount, use a clean small cloth to coat the entire board with the mixture. Allow 6 hours to cure and, if needed, apply again. If you wish to cut raw or cooked meats, we recommend the board be coated with a generous amount of olive oil prior to putting any meat on the board. If you would like additional oil mixture, please email us at

White Oak and Sea-foam Green Epoxy Board

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